TMC model

TMC model

TMC model (Teachers, Managers, Counselors)

In addition to training approved by the Ministry of Science , Chloran Applied Science Center using TMC model to enrich students learning. In this method ,are used teachers, managers and consulting firms. The following is a brief description of this method:


This part of the TMC model includes instructors who teach courses that approved by the Ministry of Education. More than 90 percent of instructors are now working in the Chloran chemical company , so all students can use of their work experience during training gaining knowledge .


Managers with experience that work in various and strong industries ,

And now are ready to transfer students experiment in the field of specialized knowledge .


The counselors , the employed counselors are working in specialized counseling companies.

Chloran Applied Science Center intends to complete the training process with using this consultants In a few hours به جز the hours of approved courses with no cost for students. It can be close to its goal With training efficient and creative experts to provide the industries.

It is worth noting that according to the TMC model idea as an exclusive idea was founded by senior management of the company, and it is used only in the center of Chloran applied science